Since 2005 the number of employment discrimination charges has risen by an average of 15% over the previous year. Even as the economy slowly improves from the past recession, experts in the legal and human resources fields agree that the wave of layoffs, downsizings and economic turmoil will lead to even more employment discrimination, wage, hour and retaliation charges in the next few years.

The current administration has provided additional resources to most of the government agencies that affect the employment landscape. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, Occupational Safety and Health Administration and the Department of Labor all have received substantial funding designed to increase staff and monitor compliance. Now, more than ever, companies large and small will be “under the microscope” when it comes to insuring fair employment practices and adherence to employment related rules and regulations.

Is Your Company at Risk?

Here are the facts that may put your company at risk for charges of unfair employment practices:

According to a survey of over 10,000 workers, 60% of today’s workforce says they either didn’t receive an increase in pay last year or received less than a 2% increase.
Despite the improving economy employee loyalty and engagement are at their lowest level in years.
In an effort to control costs, companies have reduced severance benefits for laid off employees. Employees who remain are more inclined to take a “get what’s coming to me” attitude when it comes to resolving disputes with their employer.
Pending legislation such as The Employee Free Choice Act will drive more workers to seek protection through unionization.

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